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Predesigned Medieval Logos

I’ve started to watch “The Game of Thrones” from the beginning and am considering a collection of predesigned medieval themed logos for you to choose from.

In recent years, the popularity of medieval themes in design has seen a resurgence, with many businesses and organizations seeking to incorporate elements of medieval culture into their branding. Whether it be the use of knights, castles, or other traditional motifs, a medieval-themed logo can add an air of mystique and sophistication to any brand.

For those looking to incorporate a medieval aesthetic into their branding, TemplateMonster offers a wide variety of predesigned medieval logos that can be easily customized to suit your specific needs. With dozens of unique designs to choose from, ranging from simple and elegant to bold and intricate, TemplateMonster has something for every business and organization.

Predesigned Medieval Logos Collection

Griffin Badges Heraldic Logo Template

Griffin Badges Heraldic Logo Template

One standout design from TemplateMonster’s collection features a striking griffin design, set against a backdrop of intricate heraldic motifs. The griffin is depicted with sharp talons and a fierce expression, giving the logo a sense of power and strength. The intricate design elements and use of black give the logo a sense of timelessness and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that want to convey a sense of tradition and heritage.

Circle Phoenix logo design

Circle Phoenix Logo Design

This design evokes the majestic spirit of the mythical creature. With its circular shape and fiery hues, the logo represents strength and rebirth, just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Overall, this logo is a powerful symbol that would be perfect for a company looking to embody the fierce determination and unyielding resilience of the phoenix, much like the characters in Game of Thrones.

Knight Shield Armor Sword logo design template

Knight Shield Armor Sword Logo Design Template

This template features a shield with a sword and a helmet, all surrounded by a wreath. The design evokes a sense of strength, protection, and bravery, making it a perfect choice for businesses in the security or defense industry.

Wolf Smart Logo

Wolf Smart Logo - predesigned medieval logo

This logo features a smart and cunning wolf design, symbolizing intelligence and strength. The logo is sleek and minimalist, with a bold color scheme that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Falcon Logo

Falcon logo

This sleek and agile logo features a falcon design, representing speed and precision. The design is modern and minimalist, with a clean and simple look that makes it perfect for tech companies and startups.

Dragon Wild Animal Pro logo design

 Dragon Wild Animal Pro logo medieval design

This logo features a fierce dragon with wings outstretched, ready to take flight, making it perfect for businesses looking to convey strength, agility, and innovation. Whether you are in the gaming industry or looking to add a sense of adventure and excitement to your brand, the Dragon Wild Animal Pro logo is a great choice.

Dregon Wild Logo

Dragon Wild Logo

This dynamic logo features a fierce dragon design, symbolizing strength and adventure. The logo is bold and striking, with intricate details that make it perfect for businesses that want to convey power and energy.

Fortress Logo

Fortress Logo predesigned

This logo features a bold and powerful fortress design, perfect for businesses that value strength, security, and stability. The design is clean and modern, with a touch of vintage flair, making it versatile and eye-catching.

Tower T Logo

Tower T Logo

This elegant and sophisticated logo features a tower motif and the letter “T,” symbolizing stability and reliability. The design is simple yet powerful, with clean lines and bold colors that make it versatile and eye-catching.

Majestices Logo

Majestices Logo

A regal and elegant logo featuring the letter “M,” perfect for businesses that want to convey luxury and sophistication.

Compass Logo

Compass Logo

This clean and minimalist logo features a compass motif, representing direction and guidance. The design is simple yet elegant, with a timeless look that makes it perfect for travel and adventure businesses.

Linear Vision Logo

Vision logo

This modern and minimalist logo features a linear eye design, representing precision and accuracy. The design is simple yet elegant, with a sleek and streamlined look that makes it perfect for tech companies and startups.